MoonShot Rules – How to play, Watch and Earn NFT’s During the Soccer Tournament

MoonShot Soccer Tournament Rules & Gameplay

Starting Friday, 24 Companies will be battling it out for the MoonShot Gold Backed Trophy.

Yes, Gold Backed by DGX thanks to our friends at Bullionix.

This post will explore the details, how to play, prizes for the community and more!

The Schedule

Games will be played across the next 2 weeks.

2 games at 18:00 EST & 20:00 EST. You can see the full schedule here,

The first stages of games looks like this,

All events can be watched from the stadium,

Click here to watch the event during the scheduled times ->

Players Guide

Before the game begins, the competing teams will be messaged a pin code to enter the suit.

When you drop into the scene, you’ll see this,

Click to join your team and you’ll see this,

Press E on your keyboard to join waiting mode, (ONLY When your whole team has clicked into the suit and are seeing the exact screen as this).

The game starts automatically when everyone presses E so if someone is not in their suit, the game will start without them!

Which goal is yours? If you join Team Red, you must score in the BLUE Goals.

Practice: To keep things fair, practice sessions will be possible 30 minutes before each teams scheduled game time.

So if you want to learn the game mechanics, join the scene 30 minutes before your match starts.

Best to make sure your team can access Decentraland from their laptop/desktop before the game begins.

Each game will last 6 Minutes. 2 Halves of 3 Minutes.

Group stages will be the best performing team from the group of 3. So 2 games each, (will play each other at least once), ties will be settled via score difference.

Can’t mobilize your full team of 5? No worries, we can start with 3 or 4 people, etc if we need to.

Game Mechanics


The game is simple,

wasd to move, mouse left-click to kick the ball.

You can keep your finger on left-click to increase power of the ball.

The game is BEST played in first person’s view, (Press ‘V’)

View of other players will look like this. The Avatars are overshadowed by the moon suit.

Find a strategy that works, pass the ball to each other by clicking/kicking it and try get it in the goal area.



To stop the ball, you MUST click it. Being in front of the ball will NOT automatically stop the ball.

Ball Reset

After a Goal, 5 seconds later, the ball will drop back in the middle. It can be kicked while in the air!

There is NO offside or free kicks. The ball will simply bounce off the wall to keep in play.

Community Prizes

Games will be streamed on Twitter, in Decentraland Genesis Plaza & GamersHub Discord. We will release further details on the day.

Decentraland will announce prizes to giveaway during the match

Community members will have a chance to win Soccer Team Branded Wearables.

SoRare will also be giving out cards during the event so make sure you are following their Twitter.

Make sure you’re following my Twitter for updates on the tournament! ->

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