Most Valuable Lands in Decentraland | Why are they Worth so Much?

Want to know what the highest selling lands were in all of Decentraland?

I go through it in this blog post/video

Firstly, it’s important to know that all these lands were sold in March which was the month the market place was released. Before this people were just transacting privately and making deals via chat.

This meant that people didn’t know the actual value of lands because there wasn’t a marketplace to compare land prices against each other.

So when the marketplace did go live, there were all these lands entering the marketplace with really high to really low prices. Some were bargain buys, some were just priced way too high but the important part was that there wasn’t enough data for anyone to make sound decisions on what was good and what was bad.

This seems to be the case for pretty much every marketplace that opens for DApps as it takes some time for the market prices to be determined by time and as more and more transactions take place.

So with that in mind, the below 3 transactions occurred when the marketplace was pretty new and there were only a handful of lands available so at the time these seemed like good buys,

We’ll be mostly looking at the top 3 sales because these were the ones bought AFTER the marketplace went live.

The rest haven’t been purchased since the auction price!

Top 3 Decentraland Parcels


The 2,000,000 MANA property | $175,578

The highest selling property in all of Decentraland!

Around 10 spots away from Centre Genesis Plaza.

If you’ve been following Decentraland for a while then you’d know that Centre Genesis Plaza is where all the action is expected to be at.

Was this a good buy?

Not really,

Considering the initial price for the property was around 130,000 MANA, (still quite a lot!)

There are much better lands on the marketplace that are connected to a double road AND Genesis Plaza.

But that’s after the market has found a stability in pricing, 5 months since this purchase was made so at the time this may have looked liked a good deal.

There also may be a strategic reason behind it as the buyer may have connecting properties under different addresses.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay more than 100,000 MANA for this property. I would value this at around 150-300,000 MANA.

1,300,000 MANA property | $121,596.80

This one’s definitely much better!

I think it’s worth about 500,000 – 1,000,000.

Still a VERY good grab for 1.25 Mill MANA considering that there will be a time when you can’t buy a Centre Genesis City Land at all once the world goes live and there’s a lot of players.

The top left and bottom right -50,50 quadrants are the best as they have a lot of single roads allowing people to navigate and look at what people have built on their parcels.

1,250,000 MANA property | $86,982.50

The Fiat value is determined at the time of sale so although the MANA value is pretty much the same, the fiat value is almost a whole $40,000 Difference!

MANA dropped to around 7 cents at this time, from around 9 cents a week before which was when the previous sale was made.

Every 1 cent is a difference of $13,000 USD for 1,300,000 MANA so even a couple of cents will save you a lot of money in Fiat!

Was this a good buy? Hmm..looking at current market prices there is only 1 parcel priced at about 1.7Mill connected to Genesis City, the rest are around 10 Mill!

There were some parcels sold for 200,000 – 300,000 MANA which were GREAT buys but you have to be lucky to jump on those opportunities.

Although these were mind boggling prices for a virtual property, it may turn into a very profitable investment depending on how Decentraland goes.


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