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My 4 Epic Estates worth over 2.5Million MANA and What I plan to do with them

I started off with only three lands in Decentraland when I first invested in early February. I was immediately hooked on the fact that I could sell these profit and before no time I have bought and sold 100’s of parcels.

In the process I have been able to secure some very good locations especially estates, and this is what this blog post is about.

I’m going to go through some of my best estates and my plans for them. Why I think they are valuable and what made them a good buy.

Let’s start with this estate only 5 spots away from a double Main Road within -25 of centre Genesis a pretty big size to of 15 parcels. (Bottom left).

This is rare due to the size of the property being 15 lands and so close to centre genesis Plaza!

It’s not connected to a double Road but due to the large area, the build height should be quite substantial that when built upon should be visible from around centre Genesis Plaza. Considering flying is going to be in my opinion, a dominant form of transport just due to the ease of being able to explore without much visual limits, I don’t think roads are going to be that big of a deal. But it will all depend on what the world will look like once opened.

This 15 set of lands is perfect for game developers who would like to rent and build their experience close to the centre plaza which is expected to get the most traffic.

It would have been worth twice or even three times as much if it were in either the NW or SE quadrants just because these have road networks. But oh well, I’m happy with this for sure.

My estates are mostly valuable due to them being a great size for commercial game developers to come build their experiences on. Most of them are the size of mini districts.

Considering individual lands are 10x10m, this estate is 50x30m. Quite large if you think about it! If you use the build height formula you get 80m in build height. Huge!

This one next to Aetheria district in the north east side is very special.

I actually had the chance to buy this set for 40,000 MANA about 4 months ago but the seller agreed to the deal somewhere during midnight and by the time I had woken up someone else has snapped it up. Shattered! It’s a damn good estate and I was getting it for a steal.

The opportunity re-appeared and although it wasn’t 40,000 MANA it was still a decent price according to todays valuations.

Aetheria is expected to be one of the best, most popular district in all of decentraland in fact I think it is the biggest by size. I made a dedicated blog post about it.

Think of a Futuristic City like Ready Player One, Fifth Element or any other book or movie that is based on a cyberpunk city set in the future.

It was also the district that had the most contributors during the initial auction. (close to 4 Million MANA!)

Parcels of land directly connected to the double Road surrounding this district are worth around 40 to 50,000 Mana. This set of 11 are theoretically all connected to this double road so should be worth 40 to 50,000 MANA each.

In fact, even more considering they are joined together and part of an estate.

This four piece estate only 15 spaces away from centre Genesis and connected to a double Road is a very unique parcel. Although it’s quite small and hardly an estate, the location of it being surrounded by three roads almost guarantees traffic especially considering it’s so close to centre genesis plaza!

This should catch pretty much all traffic going north from Centre Genesis. Flying or walking

Lastly this one is my golden boy. I have seen this estate trying to be sold since January with an initial price of 10 million MANA. Over the months the price has substantially dropped and it was clear to see that the seller was looking to sell.


So when I grabbed it for 735,000 MANA, I was stoked. Yes it is a big buy but it is in the midst of an area that I believe is going to be absolutely awesome!

These Districts are tech oriented and I’m especially interested in Crypto Valley which isn’t far away. Crypto Valley has the Aelf team behind them. They are trying to make a Virtual Silicon Valley and definitely have to funds to pull it off.

It’s also directly connected and surrounded by a double Road and a Chinese district, (Dragon Kingdom).

Slowly slowly lands here are becoming quite expensive and to secure an estate of 33 lands is perfect for a large tech developer to come set up shop. I’m not really looking to sell this one but mostly rent it out for a good monthly return.

I feel if I get rid of this then I’ll probably not get anything of the size, Calibre and location ever again.

I don’t mind selling every other land of mine but I will be looking to keep this one so I have a strong stake Within Decentraland.

I am collecting estates more than single parcels. They have proven to be more difficult to sell due to them needing investors with deeper pockets and a very high interest in Decentraland but extremely profitable as estates in good locations are rare.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Decentraland but considering there are ample partnerships being made I can only imagine that these companies coming on board will need significant areas of land in great locations to set up. I wouldn’t mind holding on to all of them till the rent feature is out.

Estates are valuable because the larger your land the higher you can build. With only one parcel of land your build height limit is 20m but with 33 adjacent lands the build height increases to over 100m which is almost 5 times a single parcel build height!

You can see how the value exponentially increases with large estates.

Needless to say, I am excited for the world to open!

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