My NFT Portfolio Sneak Peak – NFT Tutorials EPI 11

I’ll go through some of the assets in my portfolio and my investment mindset behind buying.

I’m quite conservative and make sure there’s some serious things checked off.


– Established team
– Stable Growth of the product users
– User base are constantly happy
– Hype doesn’t die off
– Project continues to build and release/fine tune the project
– User base is ACTUALLY growing. Not amount of investors, I’m talking about people actually using the project whether game or platform.
– A lot of funding, so they can spend necessary $ growing the project and fine tuning + survive a bear period
– Not whale dominated

There’s only a handful that qualify and that’s those that have PROVEN to me that the industry is strong.

Virtual land, Certain blockchain games, NFT Art.

This isn’t to say new projects aren’t good investments, this is just my investment style.

To watch and wait, and find the perfect time to enter.

I don’t mind if I’m a little late to the party, but being this risk averse allows me to make way more GOOD decisions that steadily increase my portfolio.

And maybe some moonshots here and there.

Decentraland Land

The more land you have joined together, the higher you can build. I’ve also noticed areas that are getting built out, are increasing their neighbourhood lands in value.

So I have this big 88 piece near Crypto Valley. Which I paid around 1.7M MANA for.

I’m sure I can sell it for 2.5-3M+ MANA because since I’ve bought it, Matic, Binance, GDA Capital and many others have dropped their HQ’s here.

I also work hard to bring conferences and partnerships to the platform so like to invest in something I can actively help grow.

NFT Art,

I have some Jose Delbo, Fewocious, Mercpin, Marc0matic, Primal Cypher, Nelly and a few others.
Hand picked because I love their art and they work hard to grow their career.

My Jose Delbo 1/1

Mercpin, Cory, Fewocious and Marc0matic

I have a few others I’m privately working with, also hand picked.

Not only do i love their art but they’re deeply embedded in the Art scene.

I can buy their art and add to my conference halls in Decentraland.

My art goes up in value and so does my land! Win win right?

Axie Infinity 

I’ve seen Axie Infinity grow constantly over 2-3 years. With their userbase happy and excited to continually play the game and host tournaments.

Their ‘Mystic’ Axies are Axies that you could have bought in the presale 2+ years ago that had a chance of having 1 of their 6 parts (or more) a mystic part based on RNG.

I’ve seen them go up from 0.5ETH to 3ETH so I jumped in.

Especially considering they’ve been doing 100s of thousands of dollars a week in sales consistantly.

And their User base is growing like crazy.

So for me, it was a no brainer. It hit my principals so I pulled the trigger and bought 12 mystics for 3-3.5 ETH. Now they are atleast 5-6 ETH.

Within a couple of weeks.

That’s why I like waiting and timing. I may not be able to get in early but I’ll get in and be happy with my handful of projects.

Gods Unchained

A very promising TCG game that raised $6+ Million in early card presales.

They also have a lot of external funding and the Game Lead Designer of MTG on board.

So I invested once the marketplace released and had an indication of the game marketplace.

The marketplace has died over the last 2-3 months because gas fees have been way too high to justify trades.

But I know they’re working on a scaling solution that should rejuvinate the market so I’m personally buying.

I love these unopened chests that have unopened genesis packs! (Unavailable anymore).

Buying this allows me to invest in the whole Gods Unchained ecosystem.

I also have some rare Decentraland names, Neo, SatoshiNakamoto, etc.

So as the user base grows, this will go up.

Along with some extremely rare, (mythic, out of 10), wearables.

I have many investments here and there that I experiment with but am bullish on the above.

People have made money with all kinds of projects. Cryptokitties, Cryptopunks, Cryptovoxels, NBA topshots, etc, some of the many I’ve missed.

You don’t have to catch them all, but a handful of the right ones can do extremely well.

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