NFT Daily Epi1 – Discussing Axie 60 Eth Sale, $13k SuperRare Art and Decentraland Wearables!

NFT Daily Episode 1

  • Axie ‘Angel‘ Sold for 60 Eth. Here’s a great interview article with the buyer on why they went ahead with the purchase.

3 Mystic part Axie’s are extremely rare. Only Axie’s bought during the presale around 2 years ago had a chance of having a Mystic Part. Even 1 was rare but 3 is extremely rare.

  • Enjin Games are showing some volume. I’ll be keeping my eye on them. They also look amazing!

Here’s Gameplay from a game on Enjin – Forgotten Artefacts


  • SuperRare AI Art sells for $12,909! Here’s a great article from the Creators of SuperRare on how to get started selling art. One of the first Tokens minted on SuperRare and an interesting story behind the creator and how he had his algorithm used by other artists to sell a painting for $430k!!

Image result for art superrare ai"

  • Decentraland Wearables are becoming a thing with daily volume recently surpassing Crypto Kitties!

  • Some of the most expensive items end up being free giveaways given to the community members at the start of a game. Think Light’s Bidding from Gods Unchained now selling for 17+ Eth!

There are only 10 of the above items available in Decentraland. Considering wearables in other games like Runescape Party Hats increased in value BIG TIME, these may be an early good investment.


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