NFT Daily Epi2 – Discussing Crypto Tribalism, Interoperability and Big Brands!

NFT Daily Episode 2


  • Tribalism in Crypto. Strong loyalty is good but squandering and flaming ‘competing projects’ is going to be harmful for all of crypto. I get it, your money is in a project, you want it to succeed and get scared of competing projects but we’re at a stage right now where we need to onboard users. Any and every project in that effort should be supported and celebrated.

Whether it be multiple Card Games like Gods Unchained, Crypto Beasties, Relentless or Splinterlands.

Or Decentraland, Somnium Space, CryptoVoxels and The Sandbox.

All pioneering and figuring out the hurdles of blockchain gaming, on-boarding new users, etc.


  • Big Brands Getting Involved. Nike getting involved with tokenizing shoes. What can this mean for NFT projects? Maybe more Big Brands will hold Pre-sales and Platforms like Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, etc can give value to these as wearables in game. Or a card in Gods Unchained. Or a CryptoKitty wearing Nikes!


  • Interoperability is BIG. I think this is the biggest thing with NFT games. Giving NFT’s value across other games can allow new game developers to reach out to communities easier. This also gives a higher value proposition to early NFT investors. I love seeing projects like Gods Unchained, Battle Racers, CryptoKitties, etc push to explore this aspect unique to Blockchain Games.

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