NFT Daily Epi4 – Effects of Having a Fluctuating Currency Tied to In Game Investments

NFT Daily Episode 4


How do you invest in assets that have so many price influencing factors?

E.g, you Invest in LAND. Land prices are influenced by supply and demand but ALSO the price of MANA. if MANA spikes up or down too hard than usually we see the effects in the land market.

But it doesn’t stop there!

If BTC swings wildly than usually we see MANA Swinging with it.

So if you’re wanting to make a fiat gain on your investment you have to keep note of FIAT – BTC – MANA – LAND.

Pretty hard to find a formula for stability.


Let’s look at an example for Gods Unchained Cards.

Gods Unchained has been slowing down in volume which was expected post-marketplace launch but at the same time the slow down started, Eth Started to moon.

Eth Graph Since Start of Jan

Look at the Graph At Start of Jan


When Eth Moons, we see a downturn in Gods Unchained card prices.

We don’t have enough data to confirm this but observing the same behaviour in Decentraland Land market I can tell there’s some correlation.

So what will happens to In Game Wearables, LAND, and other assets in Decentraland when MANA moons or slows down?

We are yet to see the full effects but these are interesting things to keep in mind!

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