NFT Daily Epi5 – CryptoVoxels $100k Sale, 1,300 Eth 7 Day Volume! Why?

NFT Daily Episode 5


Say what you want, CryptoVoxels was king of Volume this week.

With 1,300+ Eth Volume, totally eclipsing the rest!

So why did this happen? Firstly there was some HUGE sales. One being the below bundle of 38 land parcels for 500 ETH Total.

Including 36 Adjacent parcels in a busy spot and the third highest build limit land in all of CV.


Add this to the below 4 sales totalling 230 Eth

And the fact that every Wednesday another 50-100 Parcels are minted/sold on Opensea. This is going to continue till they reach ~3,000 Land Cap. Another 5-10 weeks left which might be adding to the buying frenzy.

You can see the spike in volume every Wednesday,

What’s CryptoVoxels?

I should have started with this.

CV is another project where you can buy land and build things. But it has a more ‘minecraft’ feel.

They’ve come a long way since the 2 years when their world was mostly black and white,

you can jump into CryptoVoxels with a simple link share, (It’s browser based) and also VR!

Ben has been building out CV for a while now and is very receptive to hearing community feedback and keeping in touch.

That’s why they seem to be a sold, tight knit group of talented people.

The Minecraft feel might not appeal to many in the cryptospace but it’s been clear for a while now that digital land projects have a bright future and CV will be a big part of that.

So Why The Big Sales?

Wednesday Sales on Opensea coupled with the fact that a handful of whales have contributed to the lion’s share of the volume. Mix in the fact that there’s not many lands left to be minted till they hit their 3,000 Max land cap.

You get a buying frenzy.

The $100k Deal, (500 Eth) was a bundle of 36 adjacent land + The Third Highest Build Parcel in all of CV!

Each land in CV has it’s unique build dimensions unlike Decentraland’s 16x16m Land across the board.

CV is also being used by SuperRare crypto artists to display their art!

It’s a simple builder like Minecraft so doesn’t take much learning to get started.

Will this volume continue?

Probably not for land.

With only 3,000 Lands, there isn’t many to trade frequently, (in comparison to 45,000 private lands in Decentraland).

And considering the Wednesday sale days will stop, Volume should slow down eventually.

But that’s not a bad thing at all.

It’s build time for these projects. Past the hype of buying and selling for profit, now it’s time to build out and gain traffic. 3,000 lands means a relatively manageable area to build out and make interesting.

Mix this with Ben’s active development, I’m sure CV will have a lot to offer the NFT world!

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