NFT Daily Epi6 – Decentraland Land Market Analysis – Don’t Overpay!

NFT Daily Episode 6

2 x ~$30k USD Land Sales! We need to explain this.

This above estate was a great buy at 25k MANA a piece. Getting something pretty much directly connected to a Genesis Plaza and as an estate, I was seriously considering bidding on this.

Genesis Plaza connected parcels are all north of 100k MANA.


This above estate is unique. Connected to pretty much 2 districts and a double road not to mention Genesis Plaza only 15 or so parcels away.

That being said I can see this going for 50k MANA each tops so that gives us a price of 300k MANA but 500k MANA? I think it was a little over priced to be honest.

Everyone has their own way of evaluating their parcels/estate due to each being unique.

With MANA going up to 6-7 cents in just a week, (almost 100% increase), we’re seeing some cheaper parcels but also some new investors to counter this.

The video will explain how much to pay for each category of land whether connected to a road, no road, district, genesis plaza, etc.

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