NFT Daily Epi7 – Decentraland 2,450 ETH Volume, $50k Sales, CryptoKitties Teasers, The Sandbox Pre-Sale!

NFT Daily Episode 7

Another wild ass day

  • Decentraland moving to 2,500 ETH!

Now Names are ALSO tradeable as ERC-721 Tokens!

So imagine getting batman or Predator or Neo, (mine wooo). If DCL blows up, these will be worth heaps imo.

  • Decentraland wearables picking up in volume but it’s important to know what you’re buying.

Mythic items have ’10’ supply, some seem to be more expensive than the others like LED or Cyber. maybe because they look cool and the others are Halloween/Christmas themed.

  • Cryptokittes hinting at some awesome gameplay with their teasers!

Looks real good. Maybe another land sale in the cryptoverse? We’re yet to find out.

  • The Sandbox Presale is live. Another Minecraft like world where you can own, buy and sell, build on land etc.


Green has already been sold, (3,000 parcels / 2.5% of supply), this presale is for another 5% of supply.

The whole map looks like this.

Animoca brands, the parent company has tremendous brand partnerships like F1.

But the economics of still having 92.5% of land still to be released for sale is scary. Will supply outweigh demands? Price discovery is extremely important and the fact that you can’t do that till the next few pre-sales is a risk.

That being said, lands are only $30 so it’s not a big risk to be part of something that could be big!

Excited to see what else in store for the upcoming week!

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