NFT Weekly Update – $100k For Cheese Wizards Winner, 2-5x Gods Unchained Cards, Decentraland + more!


What a crazy week.

Even though cryptocurrencies haven’t been too exciting with a lot of sideways movement, the ‘Blockchain Gaming’ or NFT space has been thriving.

Cheese Wizards

Dapper Labs, (the guys behind CryptoKitties), held a ‘Battle Royale’ tournament to kick off their Cheese Wizards game.

Want to guess how much the winner got?

700 ETH!!

($100,000+ USD!)

Now that’s a prize!

Basically 6k + wizards duked it out till a grand finale.

Gods Unchained Cards Going Bonkers

Gods Unchained Marketplace is still a hot space.

100’s of cards are selling every hour. You can watch this at opensea recent sales.

I’ve been following intently, and cards like the below have more than doubled their value in the last week or so.


Just today someone picked up a bunch of ‘Blessed Chimera’s). There’s only 600 or so of these in the game.

You can see their sale prices are around 1.8 – 2 ETH.

Crazy, when I bought 8 a week ago for 0.85 – 1 ETH each!

GU is going to be huge and if you can get some of these cards early when the game blows up and people need them to build their decks to compete in the tournament, (~$500k prize), you should do well.

The game is yet to go mobile and push marketing to onboard new players.

Still plenty of adoption kinks the NFT space needs to iron out to start appealing to the non-crypto masses.

Non the less the game, as both an investment and for players is looking great!

Battle Racers – Season 1!

Woo our friends at Battle Racers are currently running their Battle Racers Season 1 Sale. You can get parts from the new car models below!

Yes, that’s the Binance bug and a Cybertruck looking racer. Cool huh?

There’s also this bad ass new legendary.



Crates are priced well. Personally, I’d go for a ton of wooden crates!

Battle Racers will be launching their title on Decentraland. Looking forward to race!

The Sandbox Presale

Minecraft on crypto? Something like that.

The Sandbox has been on my radar for a while and their ILO, (Initial Land Offering), is just around the corner, (4th December).

2.5% of their land supply will be sold.

imagine a place you can build games, characters, experiences and monetize them in game.

The Green Boxes are already bought/owned by their partners leaving all the grey box still for sale.

There’s some big discounts for Round 1 participants.

You can read more about them here.

Decentraland Content and Smart Items

Smart items have arrived in the builder,

From moving rocks to floating discs. Opening treasure chests and parrots, there’s 100’s of items to drag to your scene!

Currently there’s a contest going on to see who can make the most epic scenes. Sign up and get started!

Plenty of things happening in the NFT world.

Let’s catch up again next week.

Matty –

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