Why just Hold Crypto When you can Trade Digital Collectibles/NFT's and Increase your ETH Stack?


What's an NFT?

An NFT is the Technical Term for Crypto-Collectibles, (Digital Items you can collect, use in a game or buy and sell on the blockchain).

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You have 100% ownership of your NFT, represented by a Token you can store in your wallet just like other Crypto Tokens. The difference is that NFT's have unique in game characteristics and properties.

Some Examples Below.

Digital Art

Art is coming to Blockchain.

Music, Videos, Digital Art, etc has never been 'ownable' trustlessly on the internet.

Blockchain is changing that.

We've seen some NFT Art sell for upwards of $50,000USD!

Digital Land

Sounds Crazy? It is.

A Project like Decentraland where you can own Digital Land and Build Games and Businesses on.

Some Lands have sold for Over $200,000USD!

Read Case Study.

Other Projects in this space include CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space.

Digital Cards

Played Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone? Digital cards are the perfect items to trade on the blockchain.

Gods Unchained has sold over $5M worth of cards and is spearheading Competitive Card Gaming on the Blockchain.

We've seen some cards go for $60,000USD!

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NFT's or Cryptocollectibles are considered a highly volatile and high risk investment just like other crypto or blockchain based investments. Trade at your own risk. This blog is set up to share my opinions and observations ONLY. I will never tell you what to do.


2017-2018 showed me how truly volatile the crypto industry could be. That's when I searched and found the wonderful world of NFT's.

Buying and Selling Digital land for $1,000's, sometimes $10s of thousands opened my eyes to the potential of increasing your net value by NFT trading.

I've been a Full-Time NFT trader ever since, making more money than I ever have as an Engineer or any of my Ecommerce Businesses!

Case Studies $

The Great Chimera Eth

Blessed Chimera was a Gods Unchained Promo card.

With only ~600 in existence, I went heavy and bought 9 at 1 ETH. Now they are 2-2.5ETH Each.

Rare Genesis Chests

Gods Unchained Chests contain 6 unopened Original Genesis Set Packs.

They are becoming one of the most profitable and stable investments of the game!

Decentraland Land
$3,468 Profit

Decentraland is a Digital World where people have bought and sold 16mx16m square plots of Digital Land for $10s of thousands!

This was an easy 3 Week Flip.

My First Etheremon Flip
1.5Eth Profit

Etheremon was my first introduction to NFT's!

This Digital Pokemon style game had a very active marketplace but ran out of funding so some community members took over.

2x On Axie Infinity Land

Axie Infinity has been a leader in Digital Pets.

Their Land Pre-sale raised 1,000's of Eth and with a strong community Backing it was a no brainer investment.

Decentraland Land $1,000USD 

A quick flip but a great Decentraland Land Case study.

I've bought and sold over 500 Lands and the key was to understand multiple seller types.

Top Gods Unchained Cards

When Gods Unchained first released their marketplace, no one knew which cards would go up.

But since then, we've seen some cards 3 - 5x in value. 

Whale Territory
$19.5k USD Flip
in 30 Days

Decentraland was the BEST place to flip NFT's.

High Value assets & large volume meant opportunity $$.

One of my bigger deals.

NFT Marketplace Analysis Videos

In-Depth Analysis Videos going through NFT Marketplaces, recent sales, good deals and which items to keep an eye on.

NFT Investment and Trading Training Videos

A Quick Tutorial Series to get up to speed on NFT Trading. The perfect place to start!

Best NFT Tools And Resources

A Big List of the best Resource Websites and Tools for NFT Trading.

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Ari Meilich

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"Matty has been integral to building out the early NFT space. He was one of the earliest people to analyze this new asset class through fun videos, and rapidly became a reference within the Decentraland community"


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"Matty has been an invaluable resource in understanding the overall NFT landscape.

His videos are always informative and he has a great feel for the NFT space in general, and the Decentraland real estate market in particular."

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DCLBlogger is a fabulous resource for both new and more sophisticated traders."


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As an NFT investor with skin in the game, he's able to deliver valuable insights from the trenches."

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