Parcel -2, 13 SOLD for 99,000 MANA! 44,000 MANA Profit! | Virtual Land Flip Decentraland Case Study

I just sold Land -2,13 for 99,000 MANA so I thought I’d make a Decentraland Land Flipping Case Study on it!

I like going through the process of why I initially purchased this land and what I expected it to sell for. It seems to help new investors learning to flip land in Decentraland.

This parcel was a no brainer.

I bought it for 55,000 MANA on 6/20/18, around 3 weeks before it’s sale date. Although you can’t see this in the market place, you can see it on Marketplace seems to not record previous land sales all the time.

Why I Bought this Parcel?

Like I said, this parcel was a no brainer.

It was listed for 55,000 MANA and I saw it around 5 minutes after it was listed.

It was 1 parcel away from a main road AND 1 parcel away from centre genesis!

Although it’s not a road parcel, whatever you build on this land should still be visible to the traffic that frequents the double roads connected to centre genesis plaza. Why? Just because there are lands in front doesn’t mean they will build and even if they do, they probably won’t build 20m walls to stop visibility behind them.

People who bought parcels connected to large foot traffic potential will want to advertise their creations so most likely will have open land builds where you can see their whole build on the parcel.

My Selling Method

As soon as I bought it, I advertised it on discord. I got an offer for 85,000 MANA so I could have flipped it within a couple of hours for a cool 30,000 MANA but I knew this would get a lot of eyeballs so i put my email address on the description and waited.

To my surprise no offers came in. I had initially listed it for 175,000 MANA, then I dropped it to 145,000, then 120,000 and then finally 99,000 which I was going to leave it at for a good month.

In my mind I knew it would probably sell for 80-100,000 MANA.

I have always noticed that you need to list it for a GOOD price if you want to sell. A good price meaning the buyer needs to look at it and say ‘wow, that’s a good deal!’. That’s when you make frequent sales.

I’ve learned not to just price my parcels high and dream for some sucker to buy but to see these transactions from both perspectives and realize that money is in bargain trades for both parties involved.

A bargain for me and a bargain for the next buyer, that’s how you make money!

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