Parcel -71,111 SOLD for 34,500 MANA! 5,500 MANA Profit

Decentraland Sales have been through the roof recently!

DOUBLING Cryptokitties sales volume, (in US dollars and ETH) over the last 30 days!

I sold this parcel 10 days ago!


Bought price: 29,000

Selling price: 34,500

Days listed: 32

Profit in MANA: 5,500

Profit in ETH: ~12.3 Eth

Profit in US Dollars, (at time of writing): ~$526

Prices listed for: 67,000, 49,000, 40,000, 39,000, 34,500

Thoughts Looking Back

This one took a while to sell. Most of my lands sell within 2-3 weeks, ideally within the first week but I knew when I bought it that it’s the type of property I need to wait for the right investor.

I also sold it at a point when land sales were really slow, (5-10/day), so I figured I’ll reduce it to 34,500 mana.

In the last couple of weeks land parcels on decentraland have been selling like crazy and to be honest, right now is a better time to be selling parcels like these so looking back I wish I had kept it listed at around 39,000. I’m sure there was a bit more profit to be made!

But profit is profit and if it’s one thing I’ve learned is that it’s better to cash out and take profits so you can reinvest in other ventures rather than list it way high and sit on it for months.

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