Rare Genesis Chests – Most Stable Gods Unchained Investment? | Case Study

When Gods Unchained held their pre-sale, you could buy rare, epic or legendary packs. Each pack had a minimum 1 card of the category card. Eg, a Legendary pack contained 5 cards with at least 1 legendary.

For investors who had spend a certain number of Eth on rare or legendary cards, a chest was sent out to them. You could also buy these chests.

Each Chest contains 6 unopened packs of cards.

There are 2 types of chests. Legendary and Rare, each with 6 packs of the respective rarity.

You can buy them here.

Rare chests especially have been going up steadily since launch.

I believe they will continue to increase in value.


There’s only a limited amount in circulation with more and more people opening their chests thus making unopened chests more rare.

They also have a novelty factor just like MTG Alpha packs. The first Set of Gods Unchained unopened cards!

As card values overall increase for Gods Unchained, these packs will become more valuable.

They’re also a cheap entry, at only 0.3 Eth at time of writing this, they’re affordable thus volume is still good!

These are one of my most exciting investments and I hold over 100 of them!

If Gods Unchained ever gets to 100,000+ users, I can’t imagine how valuable an opened Genesis pack would be!


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