NFT Daily Epi3 – Runescape Party Hats Being worth $1,000’s. Are Early In-Game Items Worth It?

NFT Daily Episode 3


  • Are Early Game Items Worth It? Let’s look at Runescape Party hats

These free items could have been picked up in 2001 during the Christmas Event. They quickly became a thing of prestige as more people joined the game.

From being a free item to 19 years later being worth 23B Runescape Gold!

Let’s just say 15B Conservatively. That’s a LOT of money. Considering people buy Runescape gold with fiat at around 15 cents per Million.

We’re looking at $2k+ per hat!

So this begs the question, what will the early game items be worth for games like Gods Unchained and Decentraland?

Gods Unchained promo card, ‘Light’s Bidding’, sells for 15+Eth. You could have got this for free by simply placing a bid during the Mythic Auction.

Decentraland Wearables like the below are also gaining in value. The below item has only 10 in circulation!

Considering all this, if you can get your hands on early free items, I’d definitely spend time getting them especially if you know there’s a limited amount!

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