The Best Land Deals made on Decentraland | Episode 1 | 2018 Week 30

I’ve decided to start a series for the Decentraland project to highlight the best deals done on the marketplace. Mind you, this is not including private deals as I don’t have a data source for that.

The aim of this series is to provide information for new investors to get up to speed with what good deals look like and get deeper insight before making the plunge to buy their first land.

MANA Token Price Review This Week

The price of land, (in MANA), is somewhat dependant on the token price.

The higher the MANA token, the more people are willing to dump their land in order to cash out. The opposite is true when the token drops in value.

The cheaper the token, the more MANA people are willing to pay to buy lands. It makes sense, especially when you take into account people need to cash out to pay for bills, holidays and other general expenses they need money for.

This week, the token has stayed relatively the same in terms of fiat. It’s hovered around 12 to 14 cents.

This is up around 4 cents from the week before which is why we’re seeing lands sell under 7,000 MANA. The week before this anything less than 6,000 MANA would be a steal but this week there were a good 5-10 lands listed for hours for 5,000 – 5,500 MANA.

Goes to show that people are hesitant to spend MANA or rather more confused on whether they should just hodl MANA or buy land. Especially when MANA was rising.

The Best Decentraland Deals this Week

There’s a bunch of lands that sold for pretty good prices on the marketplace and I’m going to go through them below. It’s great to see that even when we’re a good 4 months in since the marketplace has been up there’s still plenty of opportunity to make money!

The below lands were sold for good prices for the new investor who doesn’t want to risk too much buying land or investing in decentraland.

There were a set of 5-10 lands sold in the 5,000 – 6,000 MANA range,



and another set of 6-7,000

The latter were close to festival land and vegas city AND a single road which made them a pretty decent buy.

In my opinion, it’s always better to buy land closer to action then it is to buy in the middle of nowhere unless you just want to privately build things.

Higher Priced Lands but Still GREAT Deals


Anything 30 parcels away from the centre genesis plaza that is also located on the double road is a great buy anything less than 50,000 MANA.

This particular piece sold TWICE this week. One at 35,000 MANA which was an epic buy.

And seconds at 49,000 MANA which was STILL a good buy but the initial buyer made a good 14,000 MANA profit from the sale!

A great flip and well deserved.

This one was bought adjacent to Genesis Plaza.

Anything connected to any Genesis Plaza that can sell for less than 50,00 MANA is a great buy.

I was in discussion with the seller below when it was listed for 36,000 MANA. I was hoping he’d sell it to me for 30,000 MANA but he ended up just listing it so I missed it. (burns!).

This can easily be resold for 45,000 MANA or even 49,000 MANA.

Great Deals Still on the Market

Right now, there are still a few deals on the market where you can buy for a good price. I’m just going to go through 1 which I believe is the best right now.

This set of 9 here.

They’re not a perfect square but an estate nonetheless selling for about 6-8000 MANA. The road parcels are selling for under 8,000 MANA which are a decent price at the moment. Eventually there won’t be many road parcels left and when that happens the cheapest will be over 10,000 MANA.

I’m big when it comes to estates. The more parcels you have connected the higher you can build. So with 9 parcels connected to each other, you have a build height of 66 metres as opposed to just 20 metres for single parcels.

Pretty cool right?!

There are other parcels that are decent prices but the above one is something I’m considering buying if the price drops a little lower. I like buying at bargain prices so I can guarantee my profit.

Ending Remarks

This week, we’ve seen the MANA token and crypto in general move up quite a lot and it’s effected the state of the market. We’ve seen LAND prices drop relative to MANA but they continue to rise in fiat which has been consistent since the start!

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