The Best Land Deals made on Decentraland | Episode 2 | 2018 Week 31

Last week I made a video going through the best land deals made for that week and any lands that available on the market that were worth looking into.

I received a lot of feedback so I’m going to continue with the series!

Best Deals Made This Week

First,let’s go through the best deals that were made this week.

Parcel 72,45 – Connected to Engineering Park

This beauty sold for 6,250 during the first auction.

Considering most other parcels were sold for 1,000 MANA, this one was sold for quite a bit!

There are lands connected to Genesis plaza that were sold for less than this.

It sold around a week ago for 11,500 MANA which was a pretty good deal!

I feel that this tech area here with districts like Engineering Park, Hacker City and Tech Sector will be a hotbed for developers that can enter these districts and build whatever they want without owning a parcel.

There hasn’t been many parcels that have been sold connected to Engineering Park so when I saw this in the land sale history I knew it was a good deal.

Parcel 71,-148 – Double Road Connected to the Edge of the Map!


There’s not that many main roads connected to the edge of the maps which make any parcels connected to them pretty rare even though they’re in the middle of nowhere.

This land was almost right at the edge AND was on a double road.

It sold for 13,500 MANA which makes it one of the cheapest double road deals done.

In Between Surreal District and Aetherian

This ones here because it was a great deal for the seller!

They bought it just a couple months back for 7,500 MANA when the market was relatively low and sold it just a few days ago for over 16,000 MANA!

That’s more than 2x return, (~$1,000).

Double Road Connected to Decentraland University

Decentraland University is going to be a great district. They already have partnerships, a big plot of land and seem like the perfect fit for a VR space.

Education and teaching could be a big thing in VR. Imagine being able to teach practical subjects like anatomy, medicine and engineering in VR!

Anything that can be picked up connected to this district for under 20,000 MANA that’s NOT at the top edge, (west or east), then it’s a good deal.

This was bought for 19,900 MANA.

Good Deals on the Marketplace

Anything in the -50,50 quadrants around the centre Genesis Plaza will probably be the busiest localities.

Anything under 20,000 MANA in the north west quadrant has my attention. By north west quadrant I’m referring to this area here.

This is for sale for 17,500 MANA which is a great deal to buy and build.

I would want this to be a bit cheaper, maybe under 15,000 MANA if I were to buy it to resell.



This one’s a rare plot.

3 Road sides!

There’s not many of these. If this goes a few thousand lower closer to 10,000 MANA I’m buying it.

The more time you spend with DCL, the more you learn it’s the ‘rare’ lands that are valuable.

Even if they’re in odd locations. I’ll be making a video soon talking about this topic.

That’s it for today!


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