The Best Land Deals made on Decentraland | Episode 3 | 2018 Week 32

Another Episode!

This has been an extremely successful series so I’m definitely continuing.

I have to be honest guys, it was HARD to find good deals today on the marketplace. In fact, I hardly found any.

I think the high gas costs and relatively bearish market has effected crypto gaming marketplaces.

Best Deals Last Week

Apart from the usual 6-8k MANA deals which are mostly non road parcels in the middle of no where or the occasional road parcel where someone got lucky, there aren’t that many lands in Decentraland that sold for a good deal this week.

Especially those that were clearly good deals.

If I had to pick some, I would pick the below,

-59,126 | In Between Vegas City and Decentraland University

Lands here connected to roads sell north of 15,ooo MANA. I’ve sold some here for 20,000 MANA+!

It’s the only road parcel alternative to the main double road connected to Vegas City and there’s not that many available.

This particular parcel is on a corner of a road but the interesting thing is that it’s still considered ‘adjacent to road!’, (notice the highlights?)

I guess it makes sense and this will increase the value of these a little bit.

8,000 MANA is not a bad price considering it’s location.

-34,19 | Pretty Close to Centre Genesis Plaza Under 20,000 MANA!


This one sold for 19,000 MANA which is not bad.

Anything under 20,000 MANA is generally a good buy in this area and anything under 15,000 is a steal!


-71, 145 | Adjacent to Vegas City Double Road

30,000 MANA is not cheap but considering there’s not that many roads connected to Vegas which is expected to become a pretty big district, it’s a good price.

As more people are hodling on to their land connected to Vegas, getting a property here will be harder and harder.

Good Deals on the Marketplace

There aren’t that many good deals on the marketplace. I was actually pretty disappointed.

-14,33 | Under 20,000 MANA

If I had to pick one, I’d pick this single parcel.

Only because it’s close to being under 20,000 MANA.

A few thousand lower and it would be a great buy!

This one AND the parcel directly above is for sale for 20,000 MANA.

I would love to find the original owner and offer them a deal but couldn’t find them.

Final Words

Not many lands at attractive prices last week.

Maybe because the MANA prices have dipped a lot or maybe because the first wave of investors who wanted to just cash out are clearing and new investors are now holding on to many lands.

Only time will tell!


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