The Best Land Deals made on Decentraland | Episode 4 | 2018 Week 33

Episode 4 already?

Wow, time moves fast when you’re having fun!

Another episode of me going through the best deals that were made the last week and in my opinion the best deals on the marketplace at the moment.

The regular disclaimer: I usually don’t buy off the marketplace so it’s hard for me to spot good deals there, (private deals get you crazy low prices), which is what I go through in my 26 Video Land Flipping course -> Click here


The Best Deals Made Last Week

Overall there were many low price deals made that were good deals. Lots of 6-7,500 MANA deals made. Parcels close to districts and genesis plaza’s that are priced low are hard to find for new investors so it’s great to buy these up and wait till the bottom price of parcels increases a bit.

Parcels like the below are what I’m talking about.


If you can buy these for about 6-7,000 MANA, (under  5,000 MANA would be a GREAT price. You have to look for private deals for those kind of prices), you can resell them for 7,500 MANA plus if you wait a bit.

The below sales are a perfect example of this.

The buyer bought a bunch of these at around 6,500 and flipped for about 10,000 MANA profit total! Great flip!


Bought on 7/29/2018 and sold on 8/18/2018.

Great flip for MANA profit but made a loss on USD, (doesn’t matter in my opinion as MANA should go up).

Here is another attempt at a quick flip.

This was bought for 16,900 a day ago.

And is being re-listed at 17,600 MANA.

A very modest flip but the right mentality. You can’t buy low and sell high, (as much as people want to), you have to buy low and sell low.



Good Deals on the Marketplace

Again, I don’t usually buy off the marketplace so it’s always hard to find good deals when making these videos for you guys. Kind of see this as ‘lands that are priced the best’. Doesn’t necessarily mean their ripe enough to buy yet.

This parcel of 4 is selling for about 18,000 MANA each. They’re located 28,-47 and are within the -50,50 co-ords which make them quite central.

They’re also connected to single roads, will be an estate with a build height of around 46 metres and only 1 parcel away from a double road!

This is a decent buy and quite fairly priced. Personally, I’d pick these up if they are about 12-14,000 MANA but if you’re a developer I think it’s a good purchase to build your games etc. There will be a good chance you’ll get some nice traffic and the build dimensions allow you to make something great.


There’s a bunch of parcels here selling for less than 7,000 MANA

Close to genesis city and somewhat close to a district.

Cheap parcels that stand out are getting harder and harder to find. There aren’t going to be many of these left under 7,000 MANA that are close to districts or genesis plazas. I think you can buy a few of these together and also make an estate out of it.


There are some decent deals coming out on the market place so it’s a good idea to set up some alerts if you know how to. Other than that, make sure you’re contacting people to try and get a better deal. If you’re interested in any of the above it doesn’t hurt to try find the seller and negotiate a juicier price!

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