The Best Land Deals made on Decentraland | Episode 5 | 2018 Week 34

This week decentraland sold 87 lands!

That’s a healthy 10+ lands a day on average.

It’s always good to assess the overall health and frequency of sales of the marketplace. I’ve been following decentraland for almost a year now and it’s good to see that sales have been consistent all the way through.

There was some good land deals made this week. Let’s get into it.

Best Deals Made this Week

First off, it’s important to note two things when assessing the market.

The cheapest plots. (Overall cheapest, cheapest road adjacent and cheapest close to districts).

When doing this quick check, you’ll get an idea of what lands are worth if you wanted to sell yours today.

For example the current cheapest parcels are these set of 17 on the far left.

What makes them attractive is that they’re an estate. But they’re also really far out and not close to many districts at all so activity isn’t expected to be much.

Estates haven’t been released yet so there’s no way to assess the market. In my opinion, imagining potential investors with over 100k mana to spend see multiple parcels being sold as estates compared to single small parcels being, I can imagine estates being much more attractive.

This is the reason I’ve mentioned the above parcels. I think they’ll be a good buy closer to the 5k each mark.

This horizontal strip of 5 parcels was actually part of a 5×5 I believe. But one parcel sold right in the middle and the seller had to break it up and sell it piece by piece.

I’ve got an eye on these, if they shave off 1,000 MANA for the non road ones and drop the double road to 12-13k then It’s a great buy.

Even now, when compared to many parcels around the 6-7k mana price range, there isn’t many close to districts let alone a double road.



South of South East Plaza


There was a bunch of parcels dumped at 6,000 MANA each in this area.

I ended up grabbing 9 of them.

What made these REALLY good is the fact that they’re an estate! 9 parcels bought for 6k each, all adjacent and close to a Plaza and District. I know I can sell these for an easy 6,700 each which is a profit of 6,000 MANA total.

People are paying 6,700 for them easily,

But I’m waiting for the estate feature to come out where I should be able to sell them for 7.5 – 8k MANA each.

There were a bunch of them that sold for 8-12k MANA

The above sales history was another confirmation for me that what I got was a great deal. It’s just a matter of waiting a couple weeks till I get the price I want to hopefully flip for 15-20k mana profit total.

There are still a few parcels here for decent prices, (under 7k), which might be a good buy if you wait a bit till the bottom price increases.

2 Semi-Prime Double Roads for around 20k mana each

Double roads sell for around 15-40k MANA each, (outside of -50,50 co-ords).

These ones sold for 21k MANA each but they’re on a great double road! I sold one north by 60-70 parcels of these double roads for 35k mana and another one for 27k mana.

If you look at the sales history for them, it’s quite amazing.

33k, then 42k mana!?

Makes 21k seem like a great deal. I think these can easily be flipped for 25k MANA. Nonetheless they’re a good hold too as people will be going up and down these roads to visit connected districts.

I love sorting the ‘cheapest parcels and seeing what are on sale).

The estate of 17 parcels are the only parcels under 6k MANA.

Once these are gone we go straight to 6.5k and quite close to 7k MANA!

Final Words

There aren’t many decent parcels for sale anymore that are close to districts.

Road parcels seem to sell for 10k mana minimum, even single road parcels, (Damn! I had 20 of these but sold them for 7.5k mana a couple months back due to market conditions).

The market seems to be slowly increasing as demand is getting higher and higher and most of the early investors who wanted to cash out by dumping their lands already have. From now till the next few months there are mostly secondary investors who won’t sell it less then they paid for it which causes the overall market to go up.

If MANA stays under 15 cents then expect parcels to sell north of 7k MANA in the next couple months. With anything close to places of value like districts and roads selling for north of 8k MANA. Even if they’re not directly connected!

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