The Best of Decentraland’s BBC Coverage | What Every Investors Needs to See!

Decentraland was posted on BBC Trending as a video and radio segment!

I thought I’d do a video to cover the best parts and my takeaway from this.


For those that haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out below,

Listen to the Radio Segment-> Click Here

it’s worth going through them both, plenty of gold nuggets and hints into what Decentraland are working on right now!

First off, How big is BBC?

I thought I’d share some stats on the size of BBC just so people can see how big of a deal this is. Although not every follower or reader will give these segments a watch, it’s still a big deal to have a piece up there.

BBC is ranked 7th in all of UK! And 88th in the whole world.

They get around 600 Million monthly visits with 80% coming from UK.

Although it’s not as global as we’d like it to be, it’s still a big deal. 6% of 600 Million is 36 Million so it’s still a lot of people coming from U.S and other countries in general.

In addition to this they have 750,000 Facebook followers where our piece was posted on and 200,000+ Twitter followers.

Highlights of the BBC Coverage

The 6 Minute video is great at highlighting the radio segment so it’s definitely worth the watch.

Sam Clare was interviewed as an investor. He holds a parcel in between Vegas and Decentraland University.

“As long as I have the internet on we can put out headsets on and have all my friends come over in Decentraland or I could go to their house for a virtual cup of tea!”

This is what got me highly interested in the first place. The ability to connect with people around the world and collectively enjoy experiences like shopping, Festivals, education and all sorts of things yet to be discovered!

David Gerard was brought on as the skeptic or moreso realist giving his opinions on the risks and challenges Decentraland face moving forward.

“We’ll see if it really captures the imagination if people that do not give a hoot about blockchain and if they want to play the game. that will be the true measure of success.”

I definitely agree with this. Decentraland are venturing into a world that’s mostly unchartered. Blockchain, Virtual Reality, in Game Economics with it’s own cryptocurrency, decentralized governance and so much more. There is a lot to figure out still and it will take everyone to see this through.

But the true test will come when people who have no idea about any of the above really enjoy the experiences Decentraland has to offer.

Just like how Elderly people and toddlers can be entertained for hours on the iPad when technology had yet to figure out how to involve these age groups, Virtual Reality needs a catalyst or experiences that make entering and being immersed in it accessible and enjoyable by all.

Joanne Whalley, the journalist, was given a sneak peak into the world which also allowed us to see what’s currently being built on Decentraland!

is it just me, or does this guy look like Esteban?!

It was great to see so much activity and stuff to check out already!
Also, Joanne seemed to be very immersed into the experience which was a great sign.

“It is a whole different world in there, it’s all colorful and like some sort of cartoon land. It feels huge!”

Mike Dent’s Retro Subway was also shown! Woo, well done Mike!

The founders came in at the end to share their visions for Decentraland

“The content uploaded by users cannot be removed by any central government or not even ourselves.”

“However people get the chance to see certain content and filter out others so ultimately there will be filters set up by the community.”


“Right now we have an economy of around 10’s of millions of dollars we hopefully want to expand that to billions.”

And that’s why I’m hodling a ton of MANA ^

The above went through the highlights from the video but there was a 23 minute radio segment that is also worth a full listen.

James Ashton was able to share his thoughts there. He’s the lead for Decentraland University.

“Just using the english teachers as an example, he’s a real world english teacher who very much envisions to pursue his career in Decentraland. He’s ready to transfer his own career there once the time is right.”

“It does remind me in a way of an early Facebook. I was actually an application developer for Facebook 10 years ago and it was a hotbed of creativity at the time. This is the first thing that has captured my imagination since then and I imagine the people involved in this are as passionate about it as the early Facebook developers or iPhone developers.”

Final Words

It’s great to see Decentraland getting the publicity it deserves from news sites that deem it worth of shareable news. I like investing in projects that have a certain ‘WOW THAT’S AWESOME!’ factor in it. These are the ones that make great strides towards the masses.

It will be interesting as usual to see the progress Decentraland makes in solving the issues and hurdles ahead of them in bringing together one of the virtual worlds most ambitious projects.

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