The Best Unowned Land Up for Auction in Decentraland!

I’ve made a video similar to this before but I thought I’d do it once again just before the land auction begins because it’s really important to know valuations and which areas get attention.

I’ll be going through the whole decentraland map and showing you which pockets of an owned lands will most likely be the hottest doing auction and why.

There are approximately 4 Main areas of interest.

Chinese Districts – Dragon City and Dragon Kingdom

There hasn’t been much word or communication on what’s happening within the two major Chinese districts, Dragon City and Dragon Kingdom until recently.

There was a great blog post shared about their plans on contributors and Dragon City as a whole and what to expect within the district. You can use Google translate to read it in English.

They’re planning on having their own currency and even blockchain games, with the first one being a zombie survival vR experience.

Pretty cool in my opinion.

Most of the land auction activity happened in the middle and Northern sides of the map just because these were more full with Districts and of course the more Central you will get in any virtual or real landscape, the more activity is expected. Just like the centre of a city.

Because of this, there was a ton of land not sold connected to the Chinese districts.

The land auction will give some investors the chance to buy a stage directly connected to Dragon City. These areas can be 50 parcels large.

There is also the area between Dragon City and Dragon Kingdom Chinese visitors we’ll most likely commute between.

In between Aetherian and DCL Conference Conference

Aetherian District is expected to be one of the biggest and most ambitions projects within Decentraland. I’ve done a post about the district you can check it out here.

I feel this area is quite underrated. I guess it’s because it’s not central or near the middle but it’s still between some big districts which should see some good activity.

North Vegas

There’s not much land to buy here and that’s for a reason. Land touching Vegas district sells for 40-70,000 MANA so estates close to this area are worth decent coin.

Not So Hot Areas – The South

These areas will probably be the least sought after. Mostly because they’re so far away from the centre and aren’t close to any districts. (South West).

It’s always important to know your land valuations. I suggest checking out or to see what the historical sales have been so you get an idea.

Good luck for the auction!

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