The Crypto Valley District Guide | Explaining Decentraland Districts

The Crypto Valley District is one of the most interesting districts in all of Decentraland.

Imagine a virtual Silicon valley where you can pitch your ICO or general business idea to investors from all over the world? You can demonstrate your product, even show prototypes of use cases and gain funding in any cryptocurrency you want.

You can set up your investment firm or office and conduct meeting and pitches within the district.

What makes this even more interesting is that 2 big companies have joined together to build this experience.

FBG Capital and Aelf

Aelf are a $130M+ market cap coin who have a multi-chain Platform which will allow dApps to be built upon it with full customization and blockchain interaction. So they definitely have the money and funding to make it happen!

Location of The Crypto Valley

The Crypto Valley are located in a great space. Opposite the district are Tech Sector, Engineering Park and Hacker City, I believe this spot will become a hotbed for innovation and business in general.

It’s also connected to east genesis plaza which should see a lot of traffic and the ability to host events in the plaza channeling traffic straight to the district.

Partnerships So Far

The Crypto Valley aim to get onboard many companies that can set up virtual offices in the district where they can hold meetings and partnership discussions.

There is a small spreadsheet in their initial plan that shows what companies they are working with or have contacted so far.


General Thoughts

I am an entrepreneur by heart so love to keep involved and help grow entrepreneurship mentality and communities in general. If this district can build a new form of experience to make connections happen then it can really become the first project that can host virtual pitches.

If you want to know more you can read their initial Github Proposal or Startup Plan

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