The Decentraland Builder – Reaching a new Level of Epicness. Find the Parrot!

Wooo Interactive Assets are here!

They’re called smart items and there’s 100’s of them.

Join the competition to build the most epic Decentraland scenes with the drag and drop builder ->


What’s the big deal? They move! You can set triggers, movement, scale to any size and pretty much make a whole interactive game within a few hours.

This scene took me 15-30 minutes to drag and drop.

You gotta find the parrot before the squawking. And it’s annoying af.


Decentraland first competition had over 10,000 static scenes submitted. Impressive but nothing moved in game so it was more of an artsy competition.

This time, you can make things move, set triggers and pretty much make a whole game!

For example this cable box can be set up so when the right wire is cut, the squawking stops

Isn’t that cool!

Imagine people having 100’s of different assets they sell and you can trigger them by pressing buttons, opening chests, etc. It’s going to get crazy.

Even chests can be opened to eventually be connected to Metamask and get a free NFT!

So you can imagine building mazes with floating paths that form a maze and the winner can find a legendary Gods Unchained Chest with 6 Legendary card packs!

I might just do that…

We’re still in closed Beta so once the building momentum begins, things are really going to spice up.

Let’s see what 2020 will bring to Decentraland and NFT’s in general!

Builder Contest, (Closes 15th December) – >

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