The Decentraland In-World Exchange – Is this the Grand Vision?

Decentraland recently added Superrare to their Marketplace.

Along with their full art catalogue

This was completely out of the blue and had many thinking, will Decentraland keep onboarding partners?


Decentraland are incentivized by the MANA token price appreciation.

The more utility and higher burn rate, the quicker it appreciates. The quicker it appreciates the more $ funding we have every year towards our creator program.

The whole ecosystem has been designed this way.

So Why add another projects marketplace?

Because more transactions means more utility for MANA and thus a more of a reason to hodl some.

The Grand Vision

Ok..this might be MY Grand Vision but I feel it’s aligned with Decentraland.

To have an in game marketplace so people can stay in world and trade items.

Does this look familiar?

This was my childhood.

Buying and selling items in Runescape. Starting off with 10,000 gold and turning it into 100,000 just by flipping items.

It was SO fun.

Imagine this but with smart contracts to execute trades and people selling all kinds of rare things from game items to art to land etc!

In their centre genesis plaza they have a ‘trading centre’.

It’s not being used much but the development of it makes me think it’s built for the purpose of in game trading.

And then there’s the matic integration.

Matic’s last tweet,

“Matic sidechain processed 3mn transactions over 12 hours with a total gas fee of USD 3.52!!!”


That’s the sort of trade efficiency we need! Minimal gas fees, seemless trading. Decentraland Q3-Q4 is going to be a whole different level.

An in game trade centre is coming whether it’s Decentraland team themselves that make it happen or the community.

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