The ‘Free Ross Campaign’ – An Immersive and Educational Decentraland Tour on the Life of Ross Ulbricht

Now this is a COOL use case in Decentraland built by the Digitible Team.

Digitibe is a boutique NFT company that curates unique lines of digital collectibles.

This particular building is a tribute and effort towards the Free Ross Campaign.

Ross Ulbricht, a pioneer of free markets who used Decentralized/Opensource technologies like Tor and Bitcoin to run Silk Road.

Co-ordinates -44, 64

I went from not knowing much about Ross to being immersed in who he was, what he stood for, his thoughts and a whole lot more.

The building is four levels, each depicting a snapshot from his memory. For example this campfire scene,

With some familiar art 😉 – shoutout to Josie, who’s art I’m seeing EVERYWHERE in Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Two of my favorite metaverse projects.

This beach scene,

And another 2 levels I’ll leave to the imagination.

The Digitible team aim to spread awareness of the Free Ross Campaign with their presence in Decentraland and maybe other Metaverses.

To enter the building above, you need to buy an access token at Digitible.

And depending on which level you’d like to visit, you can purchase the below NFT’s.

The Tuxedo NFT is one of the rarest and gives you access to all levels.

All proceeds from sales of the NFT’s and Ross Bars will be donated to Lyn Ulbricht for Ross’s legal fund.

Buying the Tuxedo NFT also gives you these AWESOME Certified Ross Bars! Tokenized by an NFT!

Only 500 in Existence. Made of Alloy and an Antique Silver Finish.

You can walk around the building and read letters and posts from Ross.


All in all, it was an extremely immersive experience and went a long way in showing us how educative these spaces can be.

As Decentraland adds more features of activity to the SDK, you will see builds like these feature audio, video, chat spaces and all kinds of additional features that will contribute greatly in spreading awareness.

The Digitible team is composed by veterans in games development industry and Web3 integration. Will be awesome to see what else these guys come up with within the Digitible brand as NFT’s and specifically wearables will be a big deal in Metaverse projects like Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, etc.

This is not the only Educational Scene in Decentraland. There are others like this scene ‘Lemursiv’, that teaches you about Lemurs and other animals in Madagascar!

These are great early use cases showing up in Decentraland and no doubt, it’s just the beginning.

Click here to buy your NFT Access Token and Visit the Digitible Building

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