The Great Chimera Eth Flip – Bought for ~1 Ethereum, now at 2.5 Eth+


The Blessed Chimera is one of 3 ‘Promo Cards’ given

This particular card was given to people for participating in sharing gods unchained content 8 months ago.

There’s only 607 of these in circulation which is quite minuscule considering there was only 1 given per wallet address, (not controlled by whales).

Gods Unchained and other NFT’s valuations seem to be strongly tied to scarcity.

The first Blessed Chimera’s sold for 0.6 – 0.8 Eth

But a little over a month later and they’re selling at 2.5- 3 Eth!

Why did these 3x so quickly?

Many cards with high buy volume have gone up at least 2x since the Gods Unchained marketplace opened.

These specific cards were being bought up quite often and it was clear that people were happy to pay 0.6 – 1 eth in the earl days.

So I bought about 9 at ~0.8 Eth as I saw others were buying them.

Considering there’s only 600 or so in circulation and the card itself is pretty decent to play in decks, it seemed like a good purchase.

And it was as even though the price increased the volume continued and they sold regularly.

Even now, they are the most regularly bought promo cards.

This card ticked a lot of early investor boxes.

✓ Scarcity

✓ Usability

✓ Aesthetically looks great

And not to mention you can join 5 of them to make a Diamond!

I doubt there will be many Diamond Chimeras in circulation as the chances of people collecting 5 or more is thin. I predict about 10 Diamonds will be forged as it’s getting harder and harder to collect 5.


Participate in free giveaways and promo’s that take minimal effort. Gods Unchained promo cards were given out to people who helped the project grow in certain ways and were easy to get!

Scarcity and Buy Volume = fast value increase.

Sometimes a buy and hodl strategy is better than a quick flip if you know the direction an asset is going.

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