The Most Valuable Crypto-Collectables Sold | $170,000?

I thought it would be fun to figure out how much money was spent on the most valuable crypto-collectables in the most popular blockchain games.

If you ever read the story of the Crypto-kitty that sold for around $115,000 and were gobsmacked well..prepare to continue being gobsmacked.

First off – What are Crypto-Collectables and Why are People Spending Money on Them?

Ever traded Pokemon cards, Dragonball Z Cards, or maybe even Tazos if you’re an 80’s kid like me?

Do you remember the most popular cards or items in these collectables and why they were that popular and sought out? The reason is, because they were extremely rare.

It was hard to find them, (think of holographic Pokemon cards – especially Charizard), and if you did, it felt good to own it not to mention the pride in showing it off to other collectors.

Some people collected them to play the game, some to just complete the set, some to buy and sell and make some money!

Well..that’s all been taken onto the blockchain and companies all over the world are realizing the power in making collectables on the blockchain!

Why make Collectables on the Blockchain? What’s the Benefit?

The Blockchain allows us to very how much of each item has been released for any particular collectable.

So if a company comes out and says that only ‘x’ amount of shiny cards will be released, we can verify that this is the case at any time by taking a look at the contract.

Building the game on smart contracts also allow us to trade and buy/sell these collectables with anyone in the world with 100% faith that you won’t get scammed.

The smart contract only transacts when both parties agree to the same conditions so whether you’re buying a new Etheremon or making a trade, you will get what you agreed on and can verify it on the blockchain.

There are plenty of other reasons but I want to get to the fun part.

The Top Selling Crypto-Collectables


(Images courtesy of



These were all sold at different times hence the rations between Ethereum and Fiat is different in each case.

Nonetheless, that’s a lot of money for a little cartoon kitty don’t you think?

Why are they worth that much?

Well, I’m not that into Crypto-kitties but it seems there’s a trend in the most expensive Non Fungible Tokens and that is scarcity. Kitty #1 is the first kitty on in the game so obviously it’s prestigious to own it.

The whole concept of Crypto-kitties is to breed them and sell them back on the marketplace so buying cats with rare traits and breeding them allow you to birth more cats that have these rare traits that others will like to buy.

Decentraland Land Parcels

Decentraland is a pretty epic concept.

Each little pixel in the Decentraland World is 10m x 10m in length x width and can build a minimum of 20m in height.

If you’re not familiar with Decentraland, it’s a VR world where you can build anything you want. Roller coaster rides, mansions showcasing your cryptocollectables, battle your etheremon, visit Fashion Street and try on clothes, etc.

Parcels of lands are being bought for a lot of money with the central ones being worth the most!

The above few plots are connected to centre Genesis plaza where events are expected to be held and it’s also expected that the main spawn point will be here.

Decentraland is aiming to get 100s of thousands of people in to the world so if you have a well situated parcel you can make good money via advertising or selling your services/products.

Gods Unchained

I found out about these guys recently. You can buy card packs just like you can for any other Trading Card Game.

There are 380 cards available in the first release which can only be bought up till the ICO, (15Mill Hard Cap).

After that there will be another set to collect.

You can buy card packs in rare, epic, legendary or shiny legendary. You get 5 cards per pack and can trade the cards once the marketplace is up and running.

I thought I’d invest a little and so far have got 208/380 cards including a couple legendaries!

And a bunch of Golds

Anyway, the reason this has been mentioned because there are 3 mythic cards in the first release.

1 is currently being auctioned and you wouldn’t believe for how much!

That’s right, current bid is at ~138 ETH!

That’s about $60,000 USD with a couple days still left till the end of auction.

I have a feeling this will sell closer to $100,000USD which is around 230 ETH.

The other 2 mythics are hidden in the card packs and you can buy them as low as $5 for the ‘rare’ packs which is what I did.

If you get a mythic that’s almost an instant $50,000.

Gods Unchained seems like a pretty cool game/cryptocollectable and I’ll be monitoring it daily to keep up with the updates.

What’s Going to be the first Million Dollar Collectable?

With so much money pouring into Cryptocollectables I would not be surprised there will be sales over a million dollars in the near future. The market is still pretty untapped so there is a lot of growth potential.

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