The NFT Investor/Collector Mindset – NFT Tutorials EPI 6

What do NFT Investors or Collectors look for?

A question I get a lot from Artists and upcoming Projects.

I’m not going to try explain what every collector looks for, (because they’re all different). But will try explain the general collector mindset.

Collectors & Investors are different but the mindset does intersect.

Collectors like to collect things for a variety of reasons. Some collect Baseball cards, some Soccer Jerseys, some Pokemon cards, some even back scratchers.

Yes, there’s a demographic of back scratcher collectors!

The point is, they have their reasons. So now, with the NFT art scene, it’s mimicking the real art world where different artists are sought after by different collectors.

Some love Marvel/DC hence you see Jose Delbo’s work go for 6 figures. (Below is a collab with Trevor Jones)

Some like traditional new digital artists like Fewocious who’s been picked up by the likes of Pomp and has had mad publicity of the last few months.

There’s still a HUGE market for new art/artists as collectors are spending 1,000’s of ETH a week on 100’s of Art pieces across multiple NFT Art platforms.

The below thread is perfect to shed more light on this topic and goes through scarcity, investor value, etc.

In short,

  • Scarcity, (1/10 or 1/1, maybe 1/20 – 1/100 if there’s an established artist)
  • Artists that can market themselves and grow
  • Artists that have a history of making Art and will continue
  • Unique Art – effort
  • Some big collectors usually trigger others to get interest
  • Not stupid expensive. New artists with a 20 ETH piece rarely get a sale
  • Sometimes relevant themes, (lots of crypto themed art seems to sell).

Again, different collectors/investors have different takes so best to read the Twitter thread!

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