The Rise of NFT’s in China and how this Intersects with Virtual Land in Dragon City – Decentraland.

In this blog post we will be exploring Decentraland’s Dragon City, (Chinese Community).

What It is, what it could be and the rise of the NFT movement globally.

Dragon City is a district within Decentraland aimed at the Chinese market and run by the Chinese community.

The post was inspired by this article. by Decrypt Media.

Some pics from Dragon City.


The biggest District in Decentraland, where we are in the pics above is just a dot on the district, (red dot)

The article makes some cool references to the state of NFT’s in China.

“Dragon City is a virtual city deeply rooted in Chinese mythology tracing back to the beginning of the world,” Zou told me, “I was inspired by how western mythology is systematically built upon Greek Mythology, while Chinese mythology is rather scattered and inconsistent.”

In explaining why Decentraland has gathered a small group of loyal followers in China, Zou told me “In real life, there is no private land ownership under Chinese law. People can use the land, but they don’t own it. The very concept of actually owning something, even though it is virtual, is attractive.”

This is an EXTREMELY Bullish point.

I didn’t know this. It makes me think how micro of a niche we are in. There are billions of people that haven’t heard of NFT’s but if we make the right on-boarding tools will flock here.

The value proposition is immense. Complete ownership of assets from Art, Virtual Land, Games, etc.

In the video I toured the art galleries which contain some beautiful Chinese Artwork and contain information on the art pieces and artists.

I also remember in a Cryptovoxels Meetup there was a speaker who mentioned how big the Art industry is in China. 

Art on blockchain is a huge win for the industry. It will take off. Just a matter of time.

“We are marketing Dragon City to Chinese as the first China-themed city on the blockchain,” Zou told me. “ We think this concept will also attract foreigners who are interested in Chinese culture.”

Decentraland is a platform play. As it grows and more people get involved and develop, it’s going to attract more users.

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