TheBlockRunner Reports 150,000+ MANA Earned in 7 days from in game transactions & Selling games

The First REAL Business earning significant $$ within Decentraland.

If you haven’t added these legends on Twitter/Youtube, I suggest you do so now,



They created this epic suite of games to experiment with the Decentraland SDK.

Play them here in Decentraland, (Desktop only, no mobile…yet)

Basically the concept is pay 10 MANA to play either of these games. There’s a daily and monthly pot won daily and monthly, (duh!).

TheBlockRunner reported making around 4,000 MANA from these games, (400 transactions), in the first 24 hours of Decentraland going live.

This turned into interest from land owners looking to buy and deploy these games on their own land!

That 4,000 MANA quickly turned into 50,000 MANA as some people bought and deployed these games.

You can watch their podcast on it below. (It’s hilarious btw).


In the next few days momentum died down a little but interest stayed.

People bought even MORE games and deployed on their lands.

Then this.

If this isn’t blowing your mind right now, I don’t know what will.

Problem Being Solved

TheBlockRunner are trying to solve the issue of land owners not having the skill set to build out monetizable experiences.

Decentraland will fail if no one builds or makes money/gets interest from anything.

So in metazone, you can purchase one of their games and deploy on your land.

Each game has a set limit so only 25 can deploy certain games.

Verified by NFT’s!


This is just the beginning.

Crypto Twitter LOVES competitions so why not hold them in Decentraland? Charge 10 MANA per entry, get sponsors to put up the prize, and that’s revenue for you.

I called up my dev friend and will probably start making my own games.

But this is validation that developers and creators in Decentraland can make money/build a business on the platform.

Hopefully this will bring on more interest as there’s plenty of lands to fill!

And as Decentraland SDK evolves to incorporate multiplayer, chat, mobile, VR, there’s HEAPS of possibilities on the horizon.

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