Third Decentraland Land Auction Announced! | Outcome of Dissolved Districts

Districts are the big purple squares on the Decentraland map. Over the course of a year most districts are well on their way to create awesome experiences but many have also discontinued.

Decentraland released an article showing exactly which Districts will continue and which district are being dissolved. They also mentioned that the land from the dissolved districts will be auctioned off in another land auction sometime after the world releases in Q2.

Let’s take a look at what land makes up these dissolved districts. They are highlighted in yellow.

This land is quite Premium because they are located quite Central to the map and are connected to genesis Plaza’s and double roads.

Currently, just to get a single parcel connected to a Genesis Plaza it’ll cost you more than 60,000 MANA!

Genesis plaza land has sold for up to 300,000 MANA. Genesis Plaza’s are Decentraland owned lands where they will continue to hold events, games and experiences for the community. They are some of the rare places within Decentraland that are guaranteed to have content and thus activity.

Here is what the map will look like once these dissolved district lands are owned by others.

The auction will be interesting. It seems that this third auction will be a battle of whales as they fight for premium land.

We will also be able to explore Decentraland so depending on this experience, Decentraland will either have a lot more interest or the opposite.

Either way, land auctions are always interesting

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