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The NFT Art Industry needs its own seperate article/video.

We’ve seen the last few record sales come from this industry. It makes sense as the Art Industry itself is enormous, it doesn’t take that much to bring it online, (unlike creating games), and people in crypt have a ton of money and collector desire.

So a lot coming together here.

The current list of Art Platforms taking the lions share of sales volume,

  • Superrare
  • Rarible
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Makersplace
  • Known Origin
  • OpenSea
  • Mintbase

Each are slightly different but to summarize,


  • Has an artist application process
  • Only sells 1/1 editions, (single – unique pieces)
  • Has a LOT of collectors on the platform
  • has been around for 2 years with an established ‘average Art price’ growth record,


  • No application process
  • Anyone can mint not just Art, but tickets, codes, anything really
  • Has a ‘governance token’ that has liquidity on uniswap
  • Has a 75,000/week allocated drop for users of the platform
  • Good platform for beginner artists that want to get their feet wet
  • Does a LOT of sales volume
  • Usually people use their twitter/social handles to market their work


Nifty Gateway

  • They find big/established artists and personalities and bring them to the platform
  • Drop art every Thursday
  • Sell art in USD along with ETH
  • Hot Secondary market, (can usually pick up cheap primary pieces)
  • Parent company is Winklevoss Twins



  • Also have an artist application process
  • Aren’t restricted to 1/1’s, can do multi editions
  • Accepts USD
  • Does decent sales volume


Known Origin

  • Has an Artist Application process
  • Can do multi-editions
  • Used by many Artists


  • Artists can create their own contracts
  • Extremely focussed on the Decentralized nature of the industry
  • Anyone can create their own ‘store’.
  • Can sell tickets, art, etc.


  • A universal marketplace
  • People also use it to create ‘Art Stores’
  • Popular artists use it
  • A LOT of general NFT enthusiasts watch the Opensea marketplace


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