Understanding District Staking and Investing | Can you sell or buy District Land in Decentraland?

When I first got involved in Decentraland It took me a while to understand District Stakes, whether you can buy or sell district land or the general concept of Investing in Decentraland Districts.

I had just missed the auction and was more interested in owning parcels I can have complete control over.

As time went on, a lot of new investors wanted to get involved in District projects and kept asking how they can own District parcels.

But to understand District staking and investing it’s important to understand exactly what they mean

What are District Stakes

District stakes are basically ‘units of investments or contributions towards any District. Investors were able to stake ‘land’ during the first Genesis City auction. The word land is not accurate as it’s more a unit of investment.

They are not necessarily land parcels/tokens like privately owned land parcels in the sense that buying a parcel into a district doesn’t get you a land there.

Basically, this was Decentraland Districts way of collecting funding to start building their projects. It would be later outlined what each District Leaders were going to allocate for their district investors. Whether it were land allocations or a percentage of the money made from the district or something entirely

Can you invest or trade District Parcels?

Not now.

You could during the initial auction but now only private land can be bought/sold and traded amongst other investors.

If you want to invest or buy parcels into districts it’s best to contact District owners via the discord channel and see if there is a way to help out or invest.

In the future there may be a way to invest but for now there is not.

There has been some talk on buying district land from other holders but holders don’t have ‘district land tokens’ like how people have private land tokens so there’s nothing really to trade.

It’s more a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that x amount of parcels will be yours after a trade. This is risky but can work if you’re working with an honest trader.

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