How I Made Over $60,000 Flipping Virtual Land

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  • How to get Land DIRT Cheap so you can flip for big profit


  • 3 Case Studies totalling over $10,000 profit completely explained. Private deal chat conversations, mentality behind buying, land valuations and Selling for big profit.


  • A Complete Decentraland Breakdown including hot spots, how it works, district explanations and more!


  • Know more than 90% of Decentraland Investors by the end of this course.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

A LOT...

The below table shows some of my MANY land deals I've done. Most deals were bought privately after agreeing to a price via private chat and then sold on the marketplace.

All Numerical Figures are in the cryptocurrency 'MANA'. At time of writing this, MANA is worth $0.10



88,400 MANA = $8,840

27,900 MANA = $2,790

16,000 MANA = $1,600

23,000 MANA = $2,300

.... .... ....

.... .... ....

.... .... ....


What's In The Course?

From how to buy your first land to WHERE to buy your first land. The material in this course will teach you the whole process to profit from your first land deal.

Topics like..

  • Where to find killer deals
  • How to negotiate and drive the price way low
  • How to valuate land so you don’t get ripped off
  • What effects land prices
  • The Major Decentraland Projects and how much land is worth around them
  • Full Case Studies, (even a 80,000+ MANA Profit deal)
  • And much more!


These skills will save you $1,000’s if not 10’s of thousands if you’re in this for the long run.

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How To Get The Course

Get 20% OFF. Email me at to find out how!

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