Welcome to the Multiverse – A comprehensive introduction to Enjin | Guest Post

Taking a break from the Decentraland madness, here’s a short and sweet guest post by Victor, (Twitter: @vjacks21on Enjin, one of the Giants in the NFT Space.

Whether you’re just starting out as an NFT trader, or a veteran of Ethereum based digital collectibles, there is a whole lot to unpack when it comes to Enjin.


The primary goal of the Enjin team is to create tools that allow seamless access and adoption of Blockchain gaming for every level of crypto user. They have a host of interconnected products that work together seamlessly in order to streamline the more complicated aspects of entering the world of digital assets and true ownership on the Ethereum Blockchain. 



Here is a list of their core products and services to get your Enjin quest started:

The Enjin Mobile Wallet – A cryptocurrency ‘wallet’ designed to easily and securely store Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other ERC20 coins, with special functionality for digital assets (ERC-1155 and select ERC-721 Ethereum tokens). Enjin has a partnership with Samsung where you can store your 12-word keyphrase in an offline hardware wallet built in to next gen Samsung phones, called The Knox.

Download the Enjin Mobile Wallet here for Android users Or here for IPhone users


EnjinX – a Blockchain explorer that can be used to view the contents of an Ethereum address, track transaction history, view assets for sale on the Enjin Marketplace, and track market data for each ERC-1155 platform. Start exploring now at https://enjinx.io/

Enjin Marketplace – A trustless platform to buy and sell ERC-1155 assets with Enjin coin without ever having to leave the Enjin Mobile Wallet. Trades run on smart contracts so that there is no need to know or trust the entities involved in your transaction. 


Web Minting Portal – Use Enjin coin to create game assets, collectibles, digital art, and every other use case you can possibly think of in the form of an ERC-1155 token. Create both fungible and non-fungible assets that reward the creator each time they are transferred.

Blockchain SDKs (Software Development Kits)  – A suite of tools that allow any game developer or studio to integrate Blockchain functionality into their game without needing a dedicated Blockchain coder. Currently supported on Unity, Godot, GraphQL and Java, with Unreal Engine 4 and further utilizations in development.

Efinity – Currently a work in progress, this is the on chain scaling solution Enjin is developing which will allow Blockchain transactions to occur within games at an almost instantaneous rate with no fees being paid by the user.



Multiverse Interoperability – Due to the nature of ERC-1155 Smart Contracts, any developer can utilize pre existing digital assets in their own world. This increases the utility for owning Blockchain game items for the player, while giving studios the ability to attract a larger player base from the get to.

Combining a robust suite of user and developer tools with a community focused on interoperability and personal ownership, the Enjin Multiverse has set out to bring a ‘Ready Player One’ style digital universe to a computer near you. 

To learn more about Enjin and the games being developed in their ecosystem, check out their newly redesigned website Enjin.io and get involved in their active Telegram community.




Twitter: @vjacks21

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