Whales of Decentraland | How much are Their Land Portfolio’s worth?

Want to know who some of the biggest investors in Decentraland are and just how much they spent to attain their portfolio’s?

This is what this blog post is about!

User JJ from discord posted some interesting pics yesterday showing screenshots of what some large whale portfolios look like on Decentraland. I thought I’d check them out and see exactly how big they are!

Take a look at some of the largest wallet’s in Decentraland,

(All valuations are very conservative and based on my opinions on what I think the land will sell for at the time. (MANA is taken at $0.04)

3,600+ Parcels | 60Million – 80Million MANA Worth



1,474 Parcels | 17Million – 20Million MANA Worth



1,190+ Parcels | 13Million – 15Million MANA Worth



650+ Parcels | 13Million – 15Million MANA Worth




I look for NFT projects that fulfil certain criteria before investing. One being multiple large investors. Decentraland is definitely a project with HUGE investors and rightly so.

The potential to be a VR platform where future blockchain games can be launched upon is huge.

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