What NFT Opportunities is there for Investors, Artists, Collectors, etc? – NFT Tutorials EPI 3

Ok, the most common question I get.

How do you Invest or get involved?

NFTs represent a lot of opportunities for Artist, investors, collectors, creators, traders and people of all type on the internet.

Each NFT within each project represents something different. I’m going to give SOME examples of the opportunities available today,

Creating Art/Music/3D Models

Maybe you have a following in real life or on Instagram and sell art there.

NFTs are a way of tying digital creations like Art, Music, 3D Models to a digital ‘receipt’.

So now, an artist can say, there’s only 1 ‘ownable’ piece of art and put it up for sale on Rarible or Superrare.

We’ve seen some artists do $100k+ in sales on Superrare making and selling digital art.

Superrare has crossed $3M in primary and secondary sales combined. Will probably 30x next year.

many have made this or are on track to make this.


Maybe you’re a collector or investor.

You can explore these projects, see which assets have strong growth mechanics and invest.

I usually start with keeping an eye on Opensea Rankings, them investigate further from there.

For example, I invest in certain areas of Decentraland that I know is going to grow, certain artists who are going to blow up in a year or two, (or already are), some special game items that will become highly desired as the game grows in Userbase, etc.


Like investing but short term, with the intention to ‘flip’.

This is how I’ve made most of my money.

Flipping assets, buying them for 10 ETH, selling them for 20 ETH, as an example.

The more I’ve stuck around in this industry, the more I’ve realized that there’s strong value in holding on to some assets for a lot longer.

Building projects.

Maybe you’re a dev or a web asset creator and you want to build your own project!

The world is your oyster, there’s so much that needs to be done here and the amount of money people have in crypto is insane.

The right platform providing the right value can really blow up.

I’m working on some upcoming websites and think this space will do really well.

Event Organizers, Consultants, Brokers

If you have a larger network, this could be for you.

There are some projects like Sugarclub that hold events and meetups with a tip bot in Decentraland.

People come, have fun, and tip a little bit in exchange for some NFTs.

I’ve held conferences in Decentraland and been able to get a couple ETH worth of sponsorship funding.

Maybe you can do this in the real world.

Even people that need to buy digital land, games, etc may need some consulting and someone to show them the way.

I’ve also been paid commission to help broker some land deals.

The opportunities are plenty, the more you search and stick around in this industry, the more you’ll find!

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