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When is the Next Decentraland Land Auction and What Lands are the BEST to Buy! | Genesis City Auction

When is the Next Decentraland Land Auction?

The question of ‘when is the next Decentraland Land Auction’ or ‘What’s going to happen to unsold or unowned lands in Decentraland’ keeps popping up in chats so I thought I would address it in this blog post.

The unsold lands are going to be auctioned off just like they were during the first sale. This has been confirmed and mentioned by the developers. The exact date of the next Decentraland Land Auction has not been announced but it has been mentioned that the order of works for Decentraland is to get the bulk plot selling feature up and running first, known as ‘estates’. THEN there will be a Land Auction.

I believe the date lies somewhere in the 4th quarter or late 3rd quarter.

I predict there being some sort of marketing before the next auction which the devs have held back on till this point.

The Best Lands to Buy in the next Decentraland Auction

There is still quite a lot of land left to auction off.

A good 7,000-10,000 Lands are still unsold and need an owner which leaves a healthy amount of land available for new comers.

I believe the power in Decentraland will come to those who own estates. One parcel is nothing in build height and dimensions compared to estates of 4 and above.

1 parcel build height is 20 metres

4 parcel build height is 46 metres

That’s quite a difference. If you’re building appartments and hypothetically appartments are 5 x 5 x 5 metres in height, length and width then,

1 parcel: 16 appartments

4 parcels: 147 appartments!

Crazy huh?

Not to mention that for corporations and companies that are going to want to invest to build experiences that requires some space, if you have an estate close to the city or even further out then you will be in a great position. Especially those with really big estates.

The downside? You might have to wait a while till you get the price you’re looking for. It’s not often big players enter Decentraland that are willing to put down $10-$100k on an estate of lands.

Maybe they’ll come after some more publicity. There’s a ton of millionaires in crypto with fat stacks of eth to invest.

With the above in mind, I believe the below sections of Decentraland will be the most popular during the second Genesis City Auction.

In Between Aetherian Project and Conference Centre

Aetherian is the biggest project in Decentraland and in my opinion, the most promising. The section above are unowned lands in between Aetherian and Conference Centre. Conference centre sits right next to Decentraland university and both districts are connected to double roads.

Double roads, in my opinion, are a good indicator to the estimate of traffic size in that area. There’s a good amount of 2×2 estates, ideally 4×4 or 5×5’s you can own in here.

I’m pretty confident there will be a lot of people wanting to rent or live in this area and looking above, there or only single parcels available in this area.

If you own some estates, you will have a nice set of land to sell to new investors who are interested in these projects.

The Far Right of Dragon City

There’s a cool 500 parcels here that can be bought completely connected! If you’re a BIG investors and can dish out a few million MANA this epic plot could be yours.

Don’t look at the pixels past the road in the middle, (Left side of image), these are off the plan. You can’t buy these. I’m talking about the vertical strip right in the middle.

Imagine building 5 x 5 x 5m appartments in this.

That’s about 72,000 Appartments you can build!

If you rent each one for 100 MANA per month, that’s about 7.2 million MANA per month


A lot of expectations but could happen if Decentraland blows up and becomes anything like second life.

Not to mention Dragon City is the core of the Chinese community in Decentraland. They operate in Wechat so most of us in Discord don’t really know what’s happening but the community is big on Decentraland, that’s for sure.

Right of Dragon Kingdom


Pretty much the same reasons of the land next to Dragon City. Dragon Kingdom aim to be pretty similar to Dragon City but next to the district there’s quite a lot of space for smaller estates. Even some bigger 10×10 if you can afford it.

A 10x10m Estate can give you a pretty big build height and about 5,600 5x5x5 appartments!

North Part of the Map, Just to the Right of Vegas

Vegas District is going to be big if the Developers can pull it off.

It would be great to own some big estates here for the Vegas community within Decentraland.

North of Dragon City

There is a LOT of land available to the North of Dragon City.

About 1,000 – 2,000 Lands.

Doesn’t look like it but it’s a lot of land parcels.

It’s also not a popular spot because the districts aren’t as enticing.

That being said, there’s a lot of land available for estates.

South West Corner of Map

Not much happening here but a lot of land available that’s for sure.

The south west part of Decentraland doesn’t have much district activity and is kind of a space for people that aren’t interested in Districts and are more interested to be off doing their own things.

Any of these sections can be combined into their own independent private district and become attractions for the south west community.

How much will Unsold lands Auction for? Price Prediction

Considering the cheapest land right now is about 6-7,000 MANA, Auction land should sell for around that.

There are a couple of factors to consider.

  • There’s a LOT of MANA needed to buy the rest of the lands. If each of the 7-10k lands, (let’s just say 8,000 parcels of land for arguments sake), sells for 6,000 MANA, that’s 48 MILLION MANA in total. I’m not sure if that much MANA will be committed during this auction because there’s a lot of people interested in hodling the MANA token and a lot of MANA was committed during the first auction. I think there will be a lot of opportunity for LAND to sell for 2-4k MANA.
  • I predict MANA spiking in token value as soon as the next auction will be announced as people rush to stock up for the auction. That will get people thinking twice on whether to spend the MANA they just staked on Land or hold on to the MANA that just skyrocketed. During the first auction, with Land going for 1,000 MANA for most pieces, it was worth to buy some land and hold some MANA but this time around land should be more expensive.
  • People can get Competitive. Some lands sold for 300-500k+ MANA during the initial auction as you had big investor battle it out against each other. This time, the focus will be on a lot less parcels leading to more bidding wars and might drive the price up!

Taking the above factors in mind, I predict Land Parcels going for 3-4k MANA. For more desirable areas and estates you might see up to 10k mana per parcel.

This is contingent on the crypto market and MANA token being relatively the same during the time of auction.

We will just have to wait and see.

Ending Remarks

The crypto world is unpredictable so I wouldn’t be surprised if my sentiments above don’t even come close to being realized. This industry moves at a fast pace and I’m excited as always for the future of Decentraland!


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