Why I Bought Land Parcel -108,20 for 18,000 MANA | Connected to Fashion St!

I was scouring the atlas map for new deals and came across this beauty connected DIRECTLY to Fashion Street!

I bought it for 18,000 MANA. Not as cheap as I’d want it.

Usually I’d be all over this if I saw it less than 15,000 MANA because I know I can definitely sell it for more but I’ve been following land sales daily and I know that lands in this pocket sell for a lot more than the usual lands outside of the pocket.

I’ve seen road connected lands sell for 20,000+ MANA and normal non road parcels sell for about 10,000 MANA.

When buying this land I checked out the other 10 or so lands connected to Fashion St. I saw lands north of 100,000 MANA except for one on the far left which was selling for 19,000 MANA.

If this gets bought up then mine will be the cheapest connected to Fashion st in this area!

I feel this is a longer term play, maybe the next couple weeks should a sale. I’m trying to flip it for 35,000 MANA which leaves me with 17,000 MANA profit which is almost $2,000 USD!

But even if I can sell it for 25,000 I’ll be happy.

Let’s see what happens!

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