Why I Bought Parcel -71,111 for 29,000 MANA

A while ago a land came on the market place that’s pretty rare.

One touching a double road AND connecting to Vegas District and a fair distance away from the North Edge.

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As anyone that has been following Decentraland discussions for a while knows that Vegas is one of the most highly anticipated projects in all of DCL.

I have been able to sell a land connected to a single road in This area for 20,000 MANA.

Not to mention, there’s not many roads connected to the Double Road next to Vegas so this type of land is pretty rare. I think there’s only 5 or 7 lands for sale with a few being way over price and the rest being too far North making mine pretty well situated.

There’s actually only 50 lands connecting to this double road all up!

On top of that Double Road lands anywhere in Decentraland usually go for 20-30k mana. This one was listed for 29k mana, admittedly, on the higher scale BUT is also connected to Vegas! Double win.

I think I could sell this for at least 49,000 MANA in the next 3 weeks based on experience but have listed it at 67,000 for now which is still very cheap relative to the neighbouring lands.

This one is a long term buy for me, I’m sure I’ll find the right buyer who wants a premium spot connecting to Vegas and has some crypto $$ to spend.

Hoping to profit a good 15-20k mana with this, (at this current rate that’s $2,000 – $3,000 Fiat.

Let’s see what happens!

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