Why People are spending $1,000’s on Axie’s and why you Should pay Attention | Axie Infinity Investors Review and Quick Guide

If you’re in the Blockchain gaming space, by now you would have heard of Axie Infinity. I thought I’d do another Axie Infinity review, this time more from an investors perspective.

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Yesterday I was on Twitter and saw this Tweet,


And then soon after, this,


5.1 Eth and 1.6 Eth? Those are some big numbers!

I have been following the Axie Marketplace for a while and have been impressed with the volume of sales and some of the high numbers. Two things I look for before I jump into a game!

Some of the priciest Axie’s that have been sold before,


3 of them have been sold in the last month!

4 months ago Eth was around $400 USD so that first one that sold for 9.5 Eth is almost $5,000 USD!

Ok, so people are definitely interested enough in this game to spend a lot of money. Now let’s do a deeper dive and investigate why.

Quick Axie Infinity Summary

Loved Pokemon? Loved Tamagochi’s? If that’s you, Axie Infinity should be right up your alley. Heavily inspired by these two games, the universe aims to build a world of mythical fantasy creatures called ‘Axie’s’ that you can breed, enter in battles, grow and collect.



The artwork is impressive and very appealing.

Each Axie has a bunch of body parts that are randomized to give you your special, unique pet.

I won’t get too detailed here, you can read more about them on the Axie Infinity Game Intro page which does a great job at explaining the game.

Why Are Some Worth $1,000’s?

That was my question when I first saw big sales.

Then i decided to investigate.

During the ICO stage, Axie’s could be bought for around 0.1-0.3 Eth

As more Axie’s are ‘adopted’, the price got higher and eventually hundreds of Axie’s were sold.

Some of these Axie’s contained unique body parts that were only available within the Axie’s released during presale. These were called ‘Mystic’ parts and are denoted by the part being highlighted in blue like the ‘Namek Carrot’ part below.


Some had multiple mystic parts, Even up to 4!


The above Axie is for sale for 50 Eth!

These Mystic parts can be upgraded to ‘legendary level’ as battles are fought. For examples the ears on this guy is a mystic part and in the later image it has been upgraded to legendary. Looks pretty cool huh?

Image result for axie infinity legendary

Scarcity has been the #1 contributor to Crypto-collectable value which is why the difference between normal non Mystic part Axie’s that were sold during the ICO stage are being sold for around 0.1 Eth whereas those that contain at least 1 mystic part are being sold for around 0.5 Eth minimum.

That’s a pretty big difference!

There’s 554 Origin Axie’s Available on the marketplace. Origin Axie’s were Axie’s sold during the presale and have the ‘Origin’ tag on them.


There’s a limited amount of these. In fact, a relatively small number if the game blows up, these may be worth a lot!

289 of these Axie’s have 1 Mystic part or more.

70 have 2 mystic parts or more.

17 have 3 mystic parts or more.

And 3 have 4 mystic parts.

The scarcity increases as Axie’s have more mystic parts.

Investment Strategy

It’s clear to me that Axie Infinity is a game I’ll be seeing around for a while. The community is active, sales are frequent and people are ready to drop some big numbers on some Axie’s.

There’s also the Scarcity play I love so much. I love holding on to rare collectables and Axie’s with a high number of mystic parts fit right in!

The game is still in very early stages. They are yet to officially release the battle mode, the terrarium, (feed, grow and take care of your Axie), mini games, tournaments and who knows, they might even release VR capabilities?

The Total Wallet Count is also increasing at a great pace,

It’s wise to hold on to, at the very least, 1 origin Axie.

I personally am going to try get my hands on a double mystic. There’s less then 100 or so of these on the marketplace and if the game gets popular, I might have some really good assets!

You can also use your Axie to battle and participate in games/tournaments where you can win coins to cash them in for even more Axie’s!

I’ve made the most buying and selling crypto-collectables and scarcity has been my go to when it comes to valuations.

I will make another post update when I get my first rare Axie’s.

Stay tuned!



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